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Hoof Casting Step by Step Preparation and Glue Application

Dress the hoof lightly and apply glue around the hoof with a liberal amount at the heels as these are the anchor points. Applying the Cast Once your glue is applied start wrapping your cast around the hoof. In order to have wider quarters for nailing and not create a longer toe, I normally double back on my casting at the quarter. Do a full wrap every 2-3 turns to hold the cast in place.
Apply Water Plastic Wrap
Use a sponge and lightly wet the entire cast you have applied. The water and exposure to air are what is needed for casting material to set hard. Plastic wrap the hoof extensively to hold the cast in position until the glue and cast have cured. The cast will start curing after 5 minutes and fully set after 20 minutes and the warmer the weather the faster it will set. Should the cast be dry and not fully set then sponge with water again and wrap until it cures. Remove Heel Section It is important to remove this heel section as it will constrict normal hoof movement. If you have to leave it in, please ensure it is less than 3 layers thick and does not stay full for more than 10 days. If your horse is confined than the full shoeing period is fine. Nailing Nail to the cast as if you have a thick walled horse. You do not need to block your nails or undercut your clinches as the material accepts the bedded clinch very nicely.

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