Style: Carbon Dynamix Premium Forge Carbon - CB Blend
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Carbon Dynamix Premium Forge Carbon - CB Blend

For the commercial bladesmith or farrier - if you are running multiple forges or forging daily for extended periods, this is exactly the product for you!!  Sold in 50 lb bag.


TM: 3.00%

Ash, DB: 8.00%

Volatile Matter, DB: 20.50%

Sulfur, DB: <1.00%

BTU, DB: +13,250    

Carbon Dynamix Premium Competition Coke

Carbon Dynamix Premium Competition Coke - When the money is on the line, trust the coke the pros use to compete at the WCB!!!  Sold in 50 lb bag.

Premium Competition Coke is unmatched in ease of lighting, fire management, heat, clinker, and quality. Our coke is dried in our 1 million BTU rotary dryer and double screened. Stop buying water and powder - step up to Premium Competition Coke today and bend some metal like the pros!


TM: 3.00%

Ash, DB: 7.00%

Volatile Matter, DB: 4.00%

Sulfur, DB: 0.65%

BTU, DB: +14,550   
FC, DB: 89.00%

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