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Equilox Adhesive Hoof Repair is a flexible resin which can be used for anything from repairing small quarter cracks to reconstructing an entire hoof wall. The damaged hoof wall is rasped down and an artificial wall is built from Equilox and a layer of Composite Fabric. Once applied, Equilox sets up in minutes. When cured, the hoof can be rasped, nailed, and trimmed just like natural hoof wall.

The Equilox repair will stay tightly bonded to the natural hoof. It is extremely flexible and will remain intact while enduring tremendous pressure. As the natural hoof wall regenerates down, the Equilox repair is trimmed off. Properly used, Equilox is a new tool to fix old problems.

Originally, the product was used primarily for competitive horses. Now with new technology and innovative packaging systems, Equilox is more affordable. It is used by farriers, equine centers, and horse owners, as well as various zoo and wildlife centers throughout the world.

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