Size: 1 HIND
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  • Kahn Certifier 10mm Hind Unclipped - Purple label
  • The complete Kahn Certifier line has the right steel in the right place for the right modification every time. The line has been designed for maximum versatility in modification. Bumped toe for long wear, 3/4 fullered, 6 evenly spaced nail holes for options and a short heel check, punched center stock for a full fit and a strong nail, best nail pitch. The 10 mm (3/8) section provides a ridged strong shoe for traction and ample reset. Symmetrical front shape allows for easily fitting left or right foot. Asymmetrical left and right shape with safe medial heel and lateral offset allows for an easy fit. The Kahn Forge unique sizing system provides 1/2” steps in circumference and the marking provides a half size line as a grinding guide and width of shoe measurement for easy selection.
  • 10 Pairs in a box, Purple color label. 
  • Works well with 5 City, 5 Slim and 5 Combo nails

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