Size: 2 FRONT
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  • Designed for many of sport, riding and statiion horses, Front unclipped
  • Punched center stock for a full fit and a strong nail, best nail pitch
  • Full dimension checked heel for modification and fit versatility
  • Left and right pattern hinds with offset and safed medial heel
  • Available in progressive section through size 000 - 7 from 3/8"x3/4" to 1/2"x11/8"
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Item no. US size Width (Inch) Length (Inch) Section (Inch) Permieter (Inch) Clips Nail Fitted
KF11802 000F 4-5/8 4-5/8 3/4x3/8 12-1/2 Unclipped E3
KF11803 00F 4-7/8 4-7/8 3/4x3/8 13 Unclipped E4
KF11804 0F 5 5 3/4x3/8 13-1/2 Unclipped E4
KF11805 1F 5-1/4 5-1/4 3/4x3/8 14 Unclipped E4
KF11806 2F 5-1/2 5-1/2 7/8x3/8 14-1/2 Unclipped E5
KF11807 3F 5-3/4 5-3/4 7/8x3/8 15-1/8 Unclipped E5
KF11808 4F 6 6 7/8x3/8 15-3/4 Unclipped E5

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