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NANRIC MEGA BOND™ Adhesive is a superior fast setting adhesive for horses feet.   
  • Is a two-part urethane that sets in about 30 seconds. (Faster if warmer and longer if colder.)
  • MEGA BOND™ has a variety of uses, including: hoof wall repair, foal extensions, and glue-on (bonding) horseshoes. It can also be used to change heel angles or simply make temporary horseshoes.
  • Once hardened, rasp the material to give it the correct shape to the horse's hoof.
  • Available in 200cc cartridges. 
  • MEGA BOND™ can be used with any 200 or 210cc dispensing gun and mixing tips.
  • Easily recapped and stored for future use.
  • Made in the EU.
  • SKU - MB30

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