Size: SX10 HIND CP 0
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The first 10mm Clipped Kerckhaert shoe in a front and hind pattern not punched for E-head nails. Features a full, balanced toe, extra thickness, graduated widths and a 10 nail hole pattern. Fronts are quarter clipped and hinds are side clipped. This shoe is a great choice for farriers looking for additional strength, wear, nailing and modification options. Shoes are symmetrical. Made in Holland.

  • Symmetrical Shape
  • 10 pair boxes
  • 10 nail hole pattern
  • Full, balanced toe
  • Hind pattern is similar to DF Select shape
  • Punched for 5 City, 5 Combo Slim and 6 Combo Slim
  • Approximately 9.5 mm (3/8”) thick
  • Extra thickness and graduated widths
  • Side Clipped Hinds
  • Patented radius quarter/side clips for easy fitting and added strength
  • Excellent choice for additional strength, wear, nailing and modification options
  • Extended heel fit on hind pattern allows for more support by moving the widest part of the shoe forward

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