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VICTORY SPORT QUEENS - shoes with welded clips, blisters, mixing tip, gloves 

ALUMINUM TAB KIT - With the new Hanton SynergiSticks Aluminum Tab Kit, you can create glue-on shoes out of any aluminum horseshoes already in your truck! Our kits come with a set of four (4) steel Hanton tabs, four (4) of our patented Hanton blisters, toe tape, a mixing tip, gloves, and a convenient mini-pack of the incredible new product, SynergiSticks for easy application of aluminum tabs to aluminum horseshoes right from your truck! All you need is an propane hand-held torch - no TIG welder or special training needed.

BLISTER PACK - One package of our patented Hanton Blisters for applying our special tabbed shoes (or your own design!). Blisters only. Pack of 20.

BELL PATCH KIT - One complete Hanton Bell Patch Kit for the treatment of quarter cracks. Includes one (1) innovative, all-new Hanton Bell Patch, a mixing tube for glue, and a pair of protective gloves.


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